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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Mapified Rss.
This web application is the result of a sub-project which is part of the more global one called GMapify. Feel free to explore this website full of maps and geodata. Maybe you could find other interesting stuff ;)

Olivier G.


NEW on the blog (Oct. 12th, 2010): A new ViaMichelin Web Mapping product: the JavaScript API V2

:initial release

Added:news agency logo

Added:Google News for every country

Changed:fullscreen layout

Added:mouseover, new info window style

Changed:XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant

Changed:country web service used

Changed:template use

Changed:AFP removed, Google News World added

Frequently Asked Questions

#What is this application?

This mashup is a Rss feed reader which displays geolocated items on a map. Moreover It highlights countries where news come from.

#How Mapified Rss works?

It uses an 2 API provided by Google Maps and Geonames for geocoding. It's a pure client side application made with HTML, Javascript and CSS. It uses 'title', 'description', 'link' and 'pubDate' tags found in a RSS feed.

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